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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 14, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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the amtrak crash in philadelphia. police stormy group of men shooting a rap video, it's all ahead. good morning, thank you for joining us, can i say it. it's friday eve, thursday may 14th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. it is friday eve. i said it too. let's get the day started. rain is on the way. i felt it. >> some on the way in. >> i had moisture on the car. that's all i'm calling it. >> your dress bleeps with our color -- blends with the colors in the background. >> good morning. we have a lot of cloud cover
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and there's rain today, by this afternoon things should get everyone. not continuous. there's a ban swinging up, that's later. some not showing up here, came down good a couple minutes on my way in. system will give us a cool pattern. temperature in the 50s for the lows, cloud cover will roll in and we'll have some rain. most is offshore but it is moving toward us. santa crude, -- santa cruz. some rain. possible thunderstorm. highs 50s and 60s. >> you know, keitel when i
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stepped outside there was that -- could tell. >> that's the smell after a rain. petrikoha -- petricorp. >> the east shore provide is doing well, it looking good, no problems coming into san francisco. looking at the commute on 880. as you drive south from oakland to hayward, or driving north, in san jose, santa clara valley off to a good start. it's 4:02.
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seven people have died from the amtrak derail. in philadelphia. seven people are unaccounted for. the nationals transportation safety board said it could have been avoided if there was a system to automatically slow down trains. >> 24 hours after a crash killed seven, injuring 200 others investigators have unconsidered questions. the ntsb says the train was traveling 106 miles an hour. the train crashed as it enters a curve where the speed limit is 50 miles an hour. >> investigators plan to
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interview the engineer but are giving him time to recover from the shock of the accident. >> it is clearly at a minimum irresponsible to have a train going so fast. lawmakers are calling for enhanced safety measures, calling for a ptc which keeps trains below the speed limit. >> amtrak was in the pro says of -- process of installing ptc on the tracks. >> the train engineer hired a lawyer and told city investigators he doesn't remember what happened. amtrak service remains suspended. >> we've learned the amtrak engineer is 32-year-old brandon
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bostian. >> he yorked in the bay area years pack. cal train said he was a contract workers and not a employee. we checked if the safety system is in the bay area. they are in the final stages of installing it. it will be working by the end of the year as required by law. bart is not required to have this technology, although it is suggested. >> former transportation secretary ray lahoud said trains should have seat belts. a study recommends against seat belts. concluding they would not prevent a number of serious
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injuries. a group of suspects accused of defrauding a cell phone store is accused of trying to run over a police officer. the spore was -- officer was responding to a complain and it escalated. the officer was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. a bay area rap artist three others have filed a complaint against the police. they claim they were harassed while filming a rap video. >> the lawsuit says every member of the group was subjected to a unreasonable search, seizure arrest. who men were arrested including
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taj rich man. we reached out to the police about the lawsuit but they have not responded. the state senate is scheduled to vote on the bill that would make it mandatory for school kids in california to be vaccinated. it would eliminate the personal or religious exemption. unvaccinated kids would have to be home-schooled. students can no lodger be suspended for minor violations such as wearing a cap or teching during -- texting
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during class. a big win at home, the warriors are heading back to memphis this morning. they started with a sloppy start, the warriors went on to a 16-2 run to take a 1-point lead at the end of the first quarter and never trailed aagain. steph curry 6 steals, klay thompson led all scorers with 21 points. >> i felt i was pressuring in the first quarter. >> the warriors can move to the western conference final with a win in game six. that starts at 6:30 this time.
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>> time is 4:08. this is the bike the workday. hundreds of thousands of local cyclist are expected to bike to work. there will be inters. >>er -- energizer stations. the event will go on rain or shine. there might be rain. >> we might. we'll be watching for people riding their bikes. life behind bars or the death penalty. the decision is up to the jury. bay area starbucks could be brewing up more than coffee.
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the plan to expand into happy hour. we're looking at the north bay commute and southbound 101 does not look bad. we'll tell you more when we come back. our active may pattern will continue. today is our best opportunity for rain. we'll see what's in store for today and tomorrow.
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. welcome back, we're learning at least one american was killed during an attack on kabul. these are pictures of police officer guarding the hotel where the attack happened. 14 people were killed. taliban attackers stormed the hotel and opened fire. the u.s. citizen has not been identified. jury deliberation continue to decide the fate of the boston marathon bombing. they will decide if dzhokhar tsarnaev should spend his life in prison or be put to death. this is the same juror that
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found him guilty. a former san francisco political consultant charged with having and distributing child pornography is back in custody. the images he possessed including children as young as infants. the defense says the city is taking the case too far. >> i think it's unfair to raise the bail after someone meets the scheduled bail, appears in court as required, but he will post the bail and get out and we'll fight the charges. >> pearce faced five charges and a 6th count of stolen
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property. a oakland high school student that uses a wheelchair claims he was attacked by a security guard on campus. martinez is seen being hit by mitchel. mitchel was fired. the spokesman says they are not surprised by the lawsuit and what happened to martinez was wrong. the race for san francisco sheriff is heating up. the incumbent kicked off his reelection campaign last night. he's hoping to keep his job. last month a judge granted his request to remove a misdemeanor resulting from a --
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the time is 4:15. the u.s. agricultural development has the first labeling for food that's free of gmo. companies would have to pay for the certifications. the seeds are engineered in labs. a majority of the corn and soybean is modified and made into ingredients. starbucks has applied to the california alcohol beverage control to serve beer and wine at certain locations. we've learned that the locations are santa rosa,
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petaluma, livermore, newark, there's a lot of them. reaction to the idea is mixed. >> i think being open later and having a small drink menu would be good. >> there's so many other great areas to have happy hour, no it wouldn't be my first place. >> a spokeswoman says that the company is evaluating the potential sites before making announcements. if they get the permit it would offer local wine and beer on the menu. i see a lot of people hanging out at starbucks in the evening. i'm surprised. >> i used to hang out when i was a student. >> free wifi. >> more coffee. >> a vin tee beer. >> does that sound good to you.
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>> say it's coming to a starbucks in san francisco is not much. >> my vote is the one in west portal if anyone is listening. >> good morning. let's go out and take a look at the commute, the traffic is doing well. this is highway 4 westbound, you will see the traffic is looking good from pittsburgh to bay point. 24 westbound is off to a good start. san mateo bridge is looking good and the traffic looking good on the other side of the bay. we're looking at the bay bridge east span. nice picture this early hour. the traffic continues to be smooth all over the city. we're waiting on the rain, there's a pocket of it, i
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trying -- i tried to find it on radar but couldn't. you can see rain coming up from the coast off monterey and san mateo coast, it's not here yet. but it's a cloudy day, we'll get rain out of this. the system is heading more toward southern california. that's why i like to show this water vapor. southern california could set record rain for may. there will be more there than here. it is giving us cloud cover. afternoon thunderstorm. 57 in oakland. everyone in the 50s. san jose 55. running 2 to 7 degrees lower.
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only fairfield is 2 degrees cooler. water temps are cold. everything is controlled with a fog bank and cooler pattern. if they start to warm up the pattern will change. it's not a lot. 30s in the mountains. 50s in the interiors. our system will get us there. moving in to give us favoring, the system will rotate in. staying cool. cool temperature, they have to rebound down the road. it won't be today. we'll stay cool through the 23rd, 24ed a -- 24th. >> we're not in winter, but like a winter-like storm
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warning. >> we're in spring. >> we had spring in january. >> that much snow there's a warning. >> there could be a foot of snow. >> there's pockets that could get a half inch. >> we'll take it. ready to go outside. >> 6:00. >> we'll see you then. couple -- couple in michigan had their 13th son. >> my goodness. i knew you would have that reaction. >> they hoped for a girl, it's not in the cards. they have a bakers dozen worth of boys. their oldest son 22. the mom said maybe she will wait until their boys have
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their own kids. >> i imagine i'll have grand daughters and i will spoil them. >> 13 boys. >> she's relaxed for 13 boys. as for weather there will be baby number 14. you never say never. one of their sons have number 13 on his back. >> you have to number them. >> i think i would stop after three or four boys. 4:22 is the time. a burglar steals thousands of electronics from a business in petaluma. the guys -- disguise he used. >> another "american idol" has been crowned. the new winner and why his fan
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base is spreading in the world of sports.
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. welcome back, time is 4:25, the federal transportation secretary came to silicon valley. anthony fox said his department wants to speed up regulations and let cars talk to each other. that could be the biggest
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hurdle getting self driving cars on the street. >> it could prevent accidents and helping us produce a car that could drive a carpetter than human beings can. >> regulations over new technology need to be put in place quickly. technology will continue to advance and lawmakers need to keep up with the changes. >> can you believe it. another season of "american idol" in the books. the winner was krohned last night. >> -- crowned last night. nick fradiani. >> steve's favorite. he has a recording can't, contract with big machine records. >> seeing my parents out there, the home thing was insane.
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>> his song "beautiful life" is on the top five on i tunes and it will be the official song for the world cup. >> that's good. it's a good song. like the one that was in the olympics for a while. you will watch 16 of the world of cup games here starting in june. you will hear a lot of the song. if you want to watch the world cup video we posted it on our home page. >> coming up cameras capture a smash and grab robbery in palo alto. >> first a popular way to keep lawns lush and green in the east bay. the free water giveaway and the
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catch involved. good morning, we're looking at the north bay commute and the traffic will move along nicely at the 580 interchange. we'll tell you more coming up. our active may pattern continues. we have a system rotating in. rain has popped up, there's more offshore.
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